We use Infrared Thermal Imaging to perform predictive maintenance (P/PM) inspections on electrical equipment. Infrared Thermal Imaging can see the excess heat (resistance) so that problems can be found and maintenance personnel can act to correct the problem before the component fails or causes a fire. Thermal Imaging electrical inspections are a fast; cost effective way of preventing downtime, production stoppage and safety hazards caused by malfunctioning electrical equipment. 

Our Services include routine inspections on:
  • Main switchboards and disconnects
  • Service disconnects for motors
  • Electric motors
  • Machine control panels
  • Disconnects and combination starters
  • Main I-Line panels
  • Main incoming services, plant main knives, capacitor banks
  • Main distribution panels and main disconnects
  • Lighting and receptacle panel
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Generator controls and transfer switches
  • Utility substations, transformers and feed poles
The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) code 70B §21.17.5 suggest that every commercial and industrial building in the United States should have an IR survey at least once a year.

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"PM electrical inspections ensures our DC's remain operational during peak season"
~D. Keyes Facilities Mgr. -  Burlington Industries